Sterling Silver/Platinum Anuenue in White Sapphires
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In ancient Hawaii Anuenue, meaning rainbow, represented the presence of one or more gods. An ancient Hawaiian proverb states, “Kau ka ‘┼Źnohi ali‘i i luna” (The royal eyes rest above) referring to the sight of a rainbow as a sign that the gods are watching the chiefs.

The NATURAL sapphires used in the Anuenue toe rings have been hand-picked and the total carat weight for these eternity-band rings average .84ct. These gorgeous sapphires are set in a channel of Sterling Silver & Platinum. The platinum provides a rich, lustrous look while creating an anti-tarnish property. Sapphires are only second to diamonds for hardness and much more affordable.  With the affordability of this eternity toe ring, you too can have “the gods” watching over you and your inner island girl when wearing this sparkly rainbow!

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Sterling Silver/Platinum Anuenue in White Sapphires

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