The light will dance and sparkle off this 14k gold Maile leaf toe ring with the diamond cut leaves. This gorgeous ring will bring delight to your inner island goddess.
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Tapa bark cloth was the only means of clothing for the ancient people of Hawaii. This artisan tradition is still held close and handed down in many parts of the Polynesian islands.  The Tapa cloth varied from course or paper-like to soft and delicate and was essential in everyday life from the commoners’ bedding and the historians’ medium for records to the soft and exquisite capes that adorned the royals.   This toe ring crafted in Sterling Silver is a representation of the ancient art of Tapa and will have you feeling like royalty when it adorns your toe!    

This Sterling Silver Tapa is bordered with 2ea 1mm Sterling Silver accent bands. Stacking these 3 rings on your toe creates a more dramatic island goddess statement. Stacked rings are just as comfortable as single rings, your toes will never know the difference.

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Sterling Silver Tapa Stack Sterling Silver Accent Rings

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